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Picture this:

You spend $150.00 on each of three separate solo ads in three separate ezines. Two ads run on Tuesday, and the other runs on Thursday. Now...

From Tuesday through Sunday, you get a total of 16 sales. That's excellent! But...

One of the ads you ran generated ZERO sales.

Of the two remaining ads, one generated four times more sales than the other.

Which of those three ads produced the most sales?

Which was the ad that produced NONE?

Okay, this isn't trigonometry class ... and that was a trick question. ;-)

My point? If you couldn't figure out the answer (and no one could precisely) ... that's $600.00 of your ad dollars wasted.

  1. NOT knowing which ezine produced the highest response in that first campaign means you'd have to place all three ads again, spending $600.00 MORE, just to make an average of 16 sales for every $600.00 spent.

  2. KNOWING which ezine produced the most sales means you could invest $150 again and again in that one ezine, and remain 99% positive that you'd consistently make an average of 12 sales for every $150 you invested.

Let's assume your product costs $50.

In example A, you'd spend $600 to make $850 (16 x $50 = $800), for $200 profit.

In example B, you'd spend $150 to make $600 (12 x $50 = $600), for $450 profit.

Clearly, KNOWING which ad campaigns produce the most sales and profit is the smarter choice, potentially saving you hundreds, or even THOUSANDS of dollars in the long run.

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ProBizTrack is a revolutionary new tool that lets you:

  • Test up to 3 website sales letters at once, to see which one pulls better. No more wasting months testing to find which one makes you the most money!

  • Instantly discover which headline secures the most sales. Once you find out, use it again and again to sell, sell, sell!

  • Discover which ezines bring you the most traffic. Why waste money on the others if they aren't driving buying customers to your site?

  • Discover how many autoresponder follow-up messages it takes to get your prospects to BUY.

  • Find out which ezine articles are pulling the most new visitors to your site.

  • Test banner ads, pay-per-clicks and reciprocal links BEFORE releasing them to the general public, so you'll KNOW they'll secure new buyers.

  • And much more!

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This is everything you've ever wanted from a marketing tracker. ProBizTrack:

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  • offers advanced split testing features, allowing you to test up to 3 ads at the same time, so you'll know for sure which is the real money-maker;

  • maintains instantly available statistics for each one of your ad campaigns, revealing the exact number of unique hits AND total hits of any tracked link;

  • can send you e-mailed reports of each campaign for your convenience, like clockwork -- you control how often you get them;

  • is available through a reliable, remotely hosted online interface -- no complicated programs or buggy scripts to download or install;

  • provides hassle-free, lightening-fast set up of tracking links -- just log in, and 3 clicks later, you're ready to roll!

ProBizTrack allows you to know, with 100% confidence, which of your ads are working, and which are a total waste of your time and money. The beautiful thing about it is that it costs much less than other tracking services on the market, though it's just as reliable, and offers the same features -- if not many more.

Let's take a quick look at the competition:

AdMinder$19.95/mo$14.95/10,000 clicks

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